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I’m a salesman
The salesmen are dominated by the soft skills, self-presentation and attitude – if you love people, you can sell them everything, almost everything :) The word "lead" in large companies on the one hand works as a magnet, on the other raises most questions about the legal aspects of its generation. If the customer is dominated by hard skills, you won’t persuade him on your beautiful eyes. "Lead Generator" is something new on Facebook, and the applications are the only way of generating leads according to the Facebook rules and local law. 

Why should you generate leads from Facebook? 

Facebook, above all, thinks how to make more money for their shareholders, which leads to the fact that the community of fans we have built over the years, is beyond our reach. You pay for the posts to reach your fans, you can’t send them all messages as in e-mailing, and if you go on vacation, suspending communication, it turns out that the rebuilding the Edge Rank position = Starting all over again! Create a community around the brand in order to obtain Leads, which can be used much cheaper outside the Facebook, both in the Department of call center and e-mailing. Ads on Facebook cost tens of cents per click, if you generate a lead with this click, you can use it outside the portal, in ex. still effective e-mail marketing, where the CPC costs 10 times less than in Facebook Ads or Google Ad Words. 


If the lead generation, only behavioral

We understand ‘Lead’ as user’s interest in the offer and his agreement for processing of personal data for marketing purposes. The customer receives an e-mail address, age, gender, location, interest categories, optional telephone number and all the behavioral data that allow categorize, analyze, and even monitor the users. Having already 600k click apps users, we systematically disqualify fake accounts and dishonest players – pass on this information for future organizers of the contests. Lead Generator on Facebook is the cheapest way of acquiring leads and those leads will be one of the best, because the e-mail, through which the user logs on fb, is active. In addition, we can track other data by cookies, which are integrate with click apps (it allows you to track the behavior of users outside the website). Analysis of historical data can better categorize the users, and ongoing monitoring allows you to contact interested users in real time. The only missing link is the current geolocation,  that we can acquire thanks to mobile apps but this one just begin to hit the users. 

If generate leads, only from Facebook. 

According to Facebook terms of service and local law on the protection of personal data, the only way to obtain Leads – are Facebook apps. This is a result of Facebook policy of assuming that external companies and applications generate database from Facebook, not the portal! The only condition is the information, that the promotion and action is not co-organized by Facebook. The user agree to processing of personal data in a checkbox, appearing in the application. It is important to reach the right group, what we can achieve by well targeted contextual ad. If our ad directs to the application, with one click you gain a fan and a lead. Most of time contest applications are used to engage fans and attract new ones, due to the fact that the app is viral. If the application cost is high and it won’t work viral, it may find that this goal isn’t attractive for marketers. If we pay tens of zloty for user “fun”, it means, to put it mildly, we could used our money better. Money spent on technology should be only the percentage of costs incurred to promotion and Facebook ADS. Lead generation means moving social media marketing to another level, but also finding a way to measure the conversion of Social Media.


Social Big Data at your fingertips. 
Facebook gave promotion into the hands not only professional marketers. click apps make possible building database to the SME sector, not just corporations. Thanks to click apps integration with one of the leading email marketing company SARE, obtained leads can be stored directly in the client database. If we’re not SARE customer, we can dowload obtained database or ship personalized e-mail campaigns from the application. 

From the very beginning basic user becomes aware of its subscribers more than through the standard e-mail form. With the application, we learn not only their names and e-mail, but also age, gender, location, language, nationality or interest. With this information the effectiveness of our campaign will be much greater. In addition, if we don’t want to registrate our own base in GIODO, we can rent obtained leads exclusively with guarantees their safe processing on certified database servers. This is a great solution for smaller companies smaller companies because they gain a lifetime guarantee exclusive lease. Larger brands may save data immediately on its servers and manage their mailing systems. Our core business is not to obtain leads, but to provide an application that allows it on Facebook, like:  click photo conest, click discount or click group purchase. Agencies can offer our solutions to both customers interested in social media, and customers interested in obtaining leads, regardless of the tool to be used. 

I hope that after this article, the applications in the marketers eyes become much more than just "contest for likes" :)

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