Breaking news, namely all contests on Facebook are legal!

Will it be “easier”?

On wednesday Facebook informed that from now on administer promotions, so also organising contests with native functions (Like, Comment) of the portal are legal! Using the “Share” as an action which supposed to affect the results of the contest is still against the rules.

At the same time lowered by the Edge Rank ( the mechanism responsible for the content we get) will be posts, in which brands persuade their fans to like or leave the comment. The second change in regulations is also related to the removal of the ticker, which is a small information window with the things you can already see on Facebook, but in real time. To promote contests in the post we will now pay more, because it will be organic lower in Edge Rank. It’s hard to dissagree with this decision if most of Us are iritated by common “like fishing”. Asking for “Like” bring negative emotions and Facebook wants to make sure it will be more friendly and that we like things we really want to and not the ones we are asked to.


How significant will be those changes for contest organisators, who are using apps? On this occasion it is worth paying some attention to what actually is the asset of the tools such as click apps. The application allows to gather information about the works and the users very precisely. The application is especially useful if we are using the most reliable mechanism, the two-stage contest, in which users are selected in the first place through the mechanism of voting and rewards for recruiting new members. The second step should be selecting the winners by the Jury from highest rated works and from defined group of the contestans. The threat posed by contests on the wall is that they may be unwanted content for some of the fans. The application is partially enclosed area, which is used by some fans and potential fans, and the organizer determines what information will he gave them. The application from the may have different goals, ex. gaining more fans, gathering leads ect. Promotion in the post, in turn will be communication to the entire community of fans who may be exposed to a flood of information about the embittered pontestants who were not able to win. Also I can hardly imagine that only one post will include the information about the rules, prize, regulations and privacy policy. That’s why I’m so skeptical about the contests in the posts as a professional mechanism which bring the desired effect.


Using apps we can decide if ex. the photos added to the contest will be used for marketing purposes. Facebook Privacy Policy, which will be valid in wall contests, don’t give us such rights. For example, we won’t be able to share the winning photo. Contests on the timeline also don’t solve a local law, which according to the law regulating the protection of personal data requires the user's explicit agreement to the processing of personal data, ex. by selecting checkbox.


All in Facebook hands.

All energy oraz money we spend on promoting contest post will be utilized at one time. We won’t be able to inform the users of the contest about the next marketing actions, because without the application we won’t have the user database. Keeping the professional image will require using the apps. However, what Facebook propose lately can be an effective solution for giving discounts and gifts for the fans. Will this replace, as it turned out, missed idea of „Facebook Offer”?


Written by Michał Blak